Soirée has redefined the shopping experience - one outfit at a time.
Be part of an inclusive future in the fashion industry by making the shopping experience one that is fun and realistic.
"I'm so happy with myself, I'm so in love with the woman I'm becoming. I'm not at my highest potential but i'm not done growing and glowing."
"Every accessory is a small personal touch. We develop connections to these pieces as when we where then we create memories associated with them."
"Judgmental people irritate me to the core. so when it comes to mistakes- people who can't see past who you used, don't deserve to know who you are now!!! #nosubstituteforreal"
"Stay true to yourself - trust your gut and you won't go wrong."
"Your work ethic dictates your success, you can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage grind."
"Do it with passion or not at all."
"Free of association, constantly experimenting, a lil derpy."
"Fashion is like any other form of art and design. I try to craft a palette of colors and textures that simultaneously blend well together and catch the eye. Life's about the extraordinary and making things pop! 💥"
We definitely get it. Shopping can be a uncomfortable experience for many of us but have we stopped to ask ourselves why?
Let’s change representation in the fashion world. Be a part of Soirée to step up & create a more unique shopping experience one outfit at a time.
You can rock anything! So get inspired, try it on, and leave more fashionable than you already were!
The importance of accuracy - finding the right fit is all it takes to feel good so show off your confident self by finding the best fit for you possible!
We are a team of motivated individuals with strong ties to the Triangle, NC business community and universities. We are committed to supporting local retailers and increasing the representation of people from every walk of life.

Our Process.
Passionate individuals have come together to create a unique platform. From sales to graffic designers and developers, the process looks like dedication and fun.
Our Approach.
Inviting everyone to use our mobile platform to gradually change what we know the fashion industry to be.
Our Goal.
Making the shopping experience one that is fun and realistic.
Our Mission.
We are helping everyone be more confident and making uncomfortable experiences into enjoyable ones! By emphasizing better representation, we are changing the fashion industry from what it is today to one where everyone is encouraged to participate.