The Movement Toward a Resale World

05 Jun 2019 - Avery Ward

In the last couple of years, the resale market has been driven by companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and DoorDash. In addition, the distinctive line between new and used apparel is beginning to blur. According to the ThredUp 2019 resale report, the popularity of the “resale lifestyle” is growing as millennials and Gen Z are adopting secondhand products 2.5x faster than other age groups. The apparel industry has also seen a change from sustainability considered as a perk to now a priority. In 2013, 57% of consumers preferred to buy from environmentally friendly brands, whereas in 2018, the percentage increased to 72%. Today, resale is modernizing the pattern of circular fashion. Previously, mountains of apparel filled landfills near our communities, but the resale of apparel is changing the once environmentally damaging customs of our society.

This is where Soirée Style steps into your closet. Soirée simplifies the process of buying and selling clothing. Chapel Hill is a hot spot of the fashionable yet sustainable young generation ; Soirée will make a presence by appealing to both of these interests. Soirée is an app-based platform that allows consumers to clean out their closets, bring unwanted clothes into a Soirée location, list their clothes at their desirable price, and make money. Meanwhile, customers are able to shop and try on at a convenient Soirée location to restock their closet with brands that fancy their styles. Soirée eliminates both the hassle of trying to sell clothing on confusing websites and “secondhand” stores ripping off consumers trying to sell unwanted clothes. It also creates a reliable way to sell clothes to new customers via mobile phones while simultaneously providing a unique physical shopping experience. No closet will sit empty with Soirée.