Soiree Style Blog: Thoughts on Fashion Retail

I Have Nothing to Wear.

08 Jul 2019

A statement common to most female college students as they scatter through their closet looking for a chic outfit to pull out for the UNC football tailgates. The answer is clear, right? Call mom up, complain about not having any clothes to wear, and beg her for a shopping spree. Well, sometimes things don’t go as planned when she says, 'Sorry, I’m paying for college, wear what you have.'


Getting Rid of Clothes: Donate or Resell?

22 Jun 2019

Why do people donate clothes? First, they don't want to spend time with the reselling process: whether taking clothes to Plato’s Closet only to walk out of the store with $5, or snapping pictures, posting them online, and negotiating with people who want to buy your $200 Free People dress for $10.


Summertime Trends You Need in Your Closet

21 Jun 2019

Summer is finally here, which means plenty of time to hangout by the beach or pool, grab dinner with friends, or go to a concert! Summer time also means it’s time to breakout your summer wardrobe from underneath your bed. You might find yourself looking through all your clothes from last summer and wondering if anything you have is on trend right now. You might even find yourself wondering what’s “in” this season. That’s where Soirée comes in! We have picked a few of our favorite trends that are now currently available at Soirée that will have you looking great all summer.


Outfit Spotlight: A Night Out

20 Jun 2019

It would only be fitting that we’d have some outfit options for such an evening out. A GNO, if you may. A soirée.


Outfit Spotlight: Road Trip

11 Jun 2019

You might ask yourself, “How do I look stylish while still being comfortable enough to ride in a car for a long period of time?” Don’t worry, Soirée is here to help!


The Movement Toward a Resale World

05 Jun 2019

In the last couple of years, the resale market has been driven by companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and DoorDash. In addition, the distinctive line between new and used apparel is beginning to blur. According to the ThredUp 2019 resale report, the popularity of the “resale lifestyle” is growing as millennials and Gen Z are adopting secondhand products 2.5x faster than other age groups. The apparel industry has also seen a change from sustainability considered as a perk to now a priority. In 2013, 57% of consumers preferred to buy from environmentally friendly brands, whereas in 2018, the percentage increased to 72%. Today, resale is modernizing the pattern of circular fashion. Previously, mountains of apparel filled landfills near our communities, but the resale of apparel is changing the once environmentally damaging customs of our society.